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Young Adults on Disability Benefits - A Study of Seven European Countries

Rapport 2013:7

The number of young adults receiving disability benefits due to reduced working capability has doubled in Sweden during the last 15 years and is forecasted to continue to increase in the coming years. In two previous reports (2011:10 and 2012:1), the ISF has analysed hypotheses behind this development and has now also carried out a project aimed at comparing the system and development in Sweden with the equivalents in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The study shows that the Swedish development is not unique in an international perspective. In all countries studied, the proportion of young adults on disability benefits constitutes a few per cent of the population in the age groups concerned.

In all of these countries, mental and behavioural disorders is the most common diagnosis group among young adults with disability benefits.

The comparison of the different national systems shows, however, that there are relatively large differences in the rules and regulations, the handling of disability benefits cases and the offered rehabilitation activities and other measures to support young adults on disability benefits to strengthen their working capability. The countries differ in terms of requirements associated with receiving disability benefits, the economic incentives and the work-related nature of the rehabilitation activities offered.


Brita Kaltenbrunner Bernitz, Nadja Grees, Marie Jakobsson Randers, Ulla Gerner, Sisko Bergendorff

Publicerad: november 2013

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